The Pieces

The Comets


Each player has 6 comets, which he has to put in order on the board. Only with them you gain scores. Here we see the comets of Neptune (read), they are called N1 to N6.
The comets of Jupiter (J1 - J6) are yellow, from Saturn (S1 - S6) red and from Uranus (U1 - U6) blue.

The small Planets (the Chasers)


The four small planets are the helpers of the large planets. They are the comet chasers and can shoot them effectively.
We see from left to right Mercury, Venus, Terra(Earth) and Mars.

The Moons (the Blockers)


The four moons are also helpers of the large Planets. The are the blockers and can block rows of the opponent, because they cannot be shot be him.
From left to right we see Ganymed (largest moon of Jupiter), Titan (largest moon of Saturn), Luna (our moon, bigger than the largest moon of Uranus) und Triton (largest moon of Neptune).

The large Planets (the Doublers)


The four largest planets are the bosses in the game. They influence the scoring by their presence, in fact, the double the points. We see from left to right Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus und Neptun.

The Counters


The counters are not really part of the game, they are adding the scores by setting them on the counting squares.
You learn to know the four largest dwarf planets of our system. They have their orbits in the so called Kuiper belt, far away from the sun.
We see from left to right the dwarf planets Pluto, Haumea, Makemake und Eris. Pluto is well known, but he was declared a dwarf planet only in this millenium. The other three were discovered only in 2005.
The combined counters on the right are used, when Saturn and Jupiter play together against Uranus and Neptune.

Solari-Brett mit Spielsteinen

The SOLARI-board with all pieces in starting positions

Here we see all pieces in the game Uranus against Neptune. In the version SOLARI2 the comets are numbered and all oriented to north. In SOLARI1 the numbers don't play a roll. In SOLARI3 the comets have a certain orientation (North, East, South and West).
The planets and moons are optional, they make the game more complex and more challenging. Especially the moons (blockers) are essential, they make the game more varied and flexible.